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Image by Milad Fakurian

Our Models

We are on a mission to develop and continue to optimize our working models through thorough building and testing. 


Algorithmic Trading

The algorithm is fueled by the ClearDhan Edge trading bot with the ability to support equity, futures and options strategies. It is hooked onto existing broker platforms whilst working on multiple rule-based strategies. 

Strategy Building

We are always in technical analysis powerhouse mode. Our trading strategies function on cutting-edge tools, real-time data, and historical indicator convergence. We help you elevate your portfolio's performance, mastering data-driven strategies to conquer the ever-evolving market.


Machine Learning

We are exploiting the power of artificial intelligence, deep learning, and predictive analytics to empower traders with unparalleled forecasting prowess. With our machine learning model, you will confidently steer your way through the markets, exploiting predictive analytics, and maximizing the potency of your trading strategy.

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