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We want to empower traders with alpha-generating algorithms and trading strategies by fusing quant-based technical analysis and automation.

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We Believe In Analysis. Not Forecasting.

We are a group of tech savvy real-money stock and options traders that believe that fin-tech will play a major role in giving level playing opportunities to retail investors and traders. We have years of experience in options trading and have learned trading options the hard way. We manage stocks and options portfolio and have managed to provide consistent returns to our partners through our systematic approach & mechanical thinking.

ClearDhan Platform
ClearDhan Platform
Image by Milad Fakurian

Our Approach

Our group consists of technology experts and math geeks. One day over lunch, our code junkie group decided to automate the analytics that we had been doing in excel in past. That was the day that changed our trading. We now intend to bring to the trading community, the research and analytics we build over the course of years. Our work is a fascinating amalgamation of technology, statistics and data science to your advantage.

Image by Milad Fakurian

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