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ClearTrend Pro is a fully automated strategy using combination of trend detection mechanisms for trade entries and risk management.

ClearTrend Pro

Get hands on and witness growth with our custom-built ClearTrend strategy. ClearTrend is a tailored solution designed to align with levels of risk tolerance, investment objectives and market preferences.

  • What happens when I purchase a package?
    After payment, we will take 24 hours to validate. Upon validation, you will get a confirmation of receipt and instructions on how to proceed with the set-up and configuration. You will also be sent a user manual.
  • What do I need to have to configure the strategy?
    Once payment and validation is done, we will need your NinjaTrader Username and Machine ID for our records and configuration.
  • Where should I trade the ClearTrend strategy?
    Our ClearTrend strategy is configured for trading on NinjaTrader.
  • What instruments can I run the ClearTrend strategy on?
    The strategy can be run on any instrument of your choice. The strategy must be adjusted based on the volatility of the instrument using the advanced trade management process.
  • What time frames can I run the ClearTrend strategy on?
    You can run ClearTrend on any time frame. However, we recommend running the strategy on a 1000 tick chart. Higher timeframes will require to increase the “Max Pullback” setting to capture more trades.
  • How much capital do I need to trade the ClearTrend strategy?
    You can run the ClearTrend strategy on 1 Micro contract (MNQ, MES etc.) on a small account size of $5K. Make sure to adjust the contract quantity to be traded in the advanced trade management strategy.
ClearTrend Reversals: Take trades on the reversal of the current trend. This is a more advanced mode not recommended for beginners.
Trade Trend SR: Supports resistance trades mode and provides sniper entries which also are trend-following trades that look for price reaction at dynamic support and resistance levels.

How It Works.

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ClearTrend Pullbacks: The pullback mode looks for a confluence of trend conditions, EMA pullbacks, and consolidations. It has been enhanced for chop.
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