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ClearAdapt ML (Beta)

Train. Test. Tune.

ClearAdapt ML showcases a unique automated deep learning model that fuses an intelligent and seamless system for optimal trade performance. Our machine learning model works by extracting historical market data and takes on a rule-learning path for pattern recognition and trade entries with the aim of minimizing prediction error. 

How It Works. 

The model is trained on a number of futures instrument and tends to capture the most complex price patterns. ClearAdapt ML works to provide optimal trade entries via deep learning from diverse data sets. ClearAdapt ML functions in scenarios such as bulls, bears and consolidations. 


ClearAdapt ML is a one-time easy set up! It is currently optimized for futures trading and performs best on the NQ and ES contracts – where precision and speed are key! We have been through a number of backtesting phases, and we are optimizing for 1000 tick; 1 min; and 5 min charts.

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